Vtiger 7 CRM Mail Manager

June 14, 2021
Mail Manager is an integrated email client that allows you to automate and perform CRM related actions on the incoming emails. It helps you create Leads, Contacts, Organizations, Tickets, and To Dos etc. from the emails that you receive in your inbox. Should sender’s email ID match with a record in VTiger CRM, you can perform more actions like, attaching emails, Adding To do, Comments and Ticket. Additionally, you can manage composing, replying, forwarding emails etc. In short, VTiger CRM Mail Manager provides an excellent feature using which you can can create new records automatically from the email and update the existing ones.   Steps How to Configure Mailbox in VTiger 7 Go to the main menu and select Mail Manager While accessing it for the first time, it will take you to the configuration page. From here user can configure the mailbox Once , user click on the configure

Round Robin now Supports Groups as well

May 19, 2021
Round Robin is  great extension, which is used to assign tickets/records to the users. Now, VTExperts Round Robin supports groups as well How to assign a record to the group Following is the method to assign a record to the group Go to the Settings Choose Extension Pack Choose Round Robin Click on “+ Add a New Round Robin” Upon clicking following page will open Now, while assigning the members, you can assign groups as well. Previously it only supported individuals     Example Let’s take an example and try to assign tickets to the groups instead of the individuals first configure a round Robin policy for the tickets and make sure to select groups in members field 2. Now take tickets which are unassigned. In this example, the tickets with open status are unassigned 3. Now trigger the scheduler for round robin Once the round robin scheduler is executed,