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Vtiger Keeps The Google Contacts and Calendar Events Synchronized With The CRM Account

May 29, 2016
There is no need to explain how important it is to keep your CRM and its database up-to-date. And Vtiger 7 has lot of aspects that require constant synchronizations. Two of those aspects are Google contacts and calendar events. Synchronize your contacts and calendar events Gmail is among the top email services being used for professional practices and sales operations, and there is a good chance that your company resort to it too. Managing your Gmail contacts and calendar events can be difficult and Vtiger 7 doesn’t leave you alone when times are tough. With Vtiger 7, you can constantly synchronize the contacts and calendar events from your Gmail to the Vtiger CRM and vice versa. Note! Our latest product Corrensa can be installed as Gmail extension. With Corrensa you can synchronize your Gmail contact details right from your Gmail screen. Managing tools for sales process on multiple applications is