Subscription Module In VTiger

November 10, 2016
VTiger 7 Acing in the Aspect of Subscription Based Model as well Business environment keeps on evolving; some business strategies became obsolete. On the other hand, some tactics gain the popularity. One of the most commonly used business models revolves around the subscriptions, in early days the tool of subscription was used by the magazines and newspapers. Customers have to pay a subscription fee in return for which the termly magazine is provided to them. Companies found this subscription model and started to incorporate it into their own businesses operations, now it is used widely in corporate sector, especially where services are offered (But it is not a hard and fast rule that uses subscription for services only, it can also be used for products). In simple words, in subscription business model, the user has to pay a certain price against which he can use the products or services offered

VTiger Premium

October 7, 2016
Important Announcement: With VTiger 7 around the corner, we’re working to update all of our extensions. All of the VTiger Premium members will be upgraded free of cost when it’s released.   Companies grow, products advance; with the current momentum of innovation, it has become routine now-a-days. But then there are some that leave mark in technology or some that start a new era in the business. VTiger Premium is one of that idea and innovation which is starting a new era. What is VTiger Premium? With 80+ extensions readily available in the market that can be bought and employed, 3000+ premium extensions have been installed by users. There are several more extensions in developmental stages and we are not planning to stop anytime soon. VTiger Premium is the module that will let you access all of the 80+ premium existing extensions for a very low cost. Also, the upcoming extensions,

Vtiger’s Subscription Module Covers The Entire Client-Company Payment Process

June 15, 2016
The Subscription module has broad compatibility range. Consider a cellular company that bills customers on daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. The final bill is generated after the inclusion of calls, SMS, data usage, value added services, and tax for the whole month. Now, that is a very complex task, as call charges are to be calculated every call, and same goes for all other services. Calculating the bill for the whole month usage of one customer is itself tough enough, let alone managing millions of subscribers. Vtiger 7’s Subscriptions module is an exceptional tool to manage invoice relevant and payment processing problems. With this tool, the whole process including invoice generation to payment management can be automated, saving thousands of precious hours per month. Note! This feature is available only in Ultimate Edition of Vtiger CRM. Installation of Subscription Module First of all, Subscription module is needed to be installed from the