SLA policies

Configuring SLA With A Use Case In VTiger 7

August 3, 2018
SLA Policy Extension for VTiger was designed to improve response times, accountability, when dealing with time sensitive matters. It’s mostly used in support/helpdesk department, where each ticket/case has to be assigned and worked on/resolved by certain date and time. It allows administrator to create custom SLA Policy rules, which then get automatically applied to a record.   Use Case New HOT Lead comes in, if after 45 minutes the lead is still unassigned, you can automatically assign it to a sales rep or notify users/managers + trigger any workflow.   How to Configuring SLA With a Use Case Go to Menu > Settings > CRM Settings > Extension Pack > SLA Policies. Click on the “New SLA Policy” button to configure a new policy.  Add a Name for the new policy. Select the module you want to apply this policy to. Select the picklist you want to configure for the SLA responses. This will mark the