sharing rules

Applying VTiger Sharing Rules Brand Your Data Secure While Enhancing the Efficiency

March 24, 2016
Restricting access to data is not optional. Limiting the availability of specific data to a specific role while keeping it out of range of the others, it sounds complicated, but it’s not. Sharing Rules of Vtiger 7 let you configure how data will be shared across the role hierarchy. Note: More about Roles can be found in this article, “Vital Role of “Roles” In a Company’s Success” Default rules let everyone access all the data. So in order to restrict data to users and those under them, setting the rule private is most suitable. When the sharing rules are set to private, users can only view those records that are assigned to them or those which come under their chain of command in the hierarchy. Notes! Sharing rules, like Profiles and Rules, do not apply to admins. You can read in details about Profiles. Sharing Rules Give Control Vtiger 7 provides you 4 different