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3 Vtiger Extensions To Fortify CRM Data Security

June 30, 2016
  Vtiger’s aims and objectives have never been lesser than providing the best possible outcome to users. And when you rely upon us with your valuable information, we make sure to keep it secure and safe from every possible threat out there. That’s why we designed some really effective tools to keep the security at best. In this article, we summoned up a list of three security extensions by Vtiger that can eliminate and avoid any potential threats to your data.   Enhanced User Security   There is a renowned quote, “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar”. Likewise, the sensitive information in your CRM attracts more threats as your business grow. Vtiger’s Enhanced User Security is the extension that ensures a strong defense against any potential invasions. With carefully designed and professionally employed features of this extension, the possibilities of getting hacked are eliminated. The login security extension