Configuring ShareX to take screenshots & screen recording

March 4, 2022
Using screenshots and short videos you can better communicate the issue to us and it is much easier for us to understand the issue in this manner. You can take screenshots and record videos using ShareX and then send it to us via email Download link: ShareX Downloading and installing ShareX 1. Download the ShareX from the link provided above, once done install it 2. Once installed, you can access the ShareX from the taskbar. Right click on the ShareX icon to open the ShareX control panel Taking Screenshots using ShareX Kindly check the following procedure using which you can take the screenshots Go to ShareX > Capture Choose the appropriate option according to you needs (e.g. if you want to take the full window screenshot then select Fullscreen) Once you take the screenshot it will start appearing in the ShareX control panel and using it you can access the