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4 vTiger Extensions To Customize Your CRM’s Screen Layout

July 5, 2016
There must be many tools in the market to customize CRM layouts, so we put our best efforts in to make layout extensions unique and different. In addition to switching and swapping the positions of fields, vTiger’s extensions do lot more. We are presenting the catalogue of four vTiger extensions that will really boost up your team’s performance while polishing the CRM into a more user friendly software.   vTiger Conditional Layouts   This is a very distinctive extension from vTiger developers. With vTiger Conditional Layouts, adding unique layouts becomes possible. The system  administrator will configure secondary fields or blocks, that will appear after choosing an option from the primary fields. The executed option will lead to more specific and detailed information about the original subject. The extension carries vTiger Workflow capabilities with intuitive interface to configure conditions as well as fields to be shown, hidden, and made mandatory. Distinguishing Features: