Remove vTiger Comments

Activate or Deactivate Comments Section/Block in VTigerCRM

August 6, 2013
Some people find the comments section in vTiger rather annoying, because if you are not using it – it just takes up your valuable screen space. By Default there is no way to disable or enable the comment section on any module. In order to remove or add the comment block you will have to use a custom script which will either activate or deactivate the “ModComments” section.  Let’s say if you would want to remove comments section from Leads views, you would: Download Deactivate Comments for Leads Extract the zip file Place “Leads – Deactivate Comments.php” in your vTiger directory Execute the script – which is to open the file in your browser. If your vTiger URL is ‘’ then you should open ‘ – Deactivate Comments.php’ and that will remove the comments section for Leads.   List of scripts to Activate/Deactivate Comments in vTiger: Activate Comments for Contacts Deactivate Comments for