Relates lists and blocks

Rearrange Related Lists and Blocks

June 16, 2021
Related Blocks and Lists is a state of the art extension, that lets user add new blocks and lists in a module using Module Layouts and Fields. While adding a new block or list, system asks where to place the block/list. But, after some time user realize that they want to change the placement of the related block/list. It can be done using Detail View Layout in the Module Layouts and Fields. This article is realted to rearrange related lists and blocks using module layout Let’s take a practical example: A user created a new related block with the name of Vendors in the Contacts, at the time of creation it was placed in at the bottom of contact details after Profile Picture Now, user wants to place it next to the Basic Information. To do so, go to Settings > Module Management > Module Layouts & Fields (or use VTExperts’ Menu Manager for user-friendly interface) Select Detailed View Layout Locate the