Related lists & blocks

Autofill Supports Related Blocks

May 20, 2021
While creating a new record through VTExperts related list and blocks extension, do the fields fetch data thourgh autofill extension? Yes, now Related blocks and lists is supported by the autofill feature. Autofill supports Related Blocks, this means whenever a user adds a record throught the realted blocks and the autofill is configured on the field of the fetched records, Autofill extension will fetch the data and fill it into the fields of the new record. Related Block : Extension for VTiger enabling a display of related records on the Detail, Create, and Edit Views. Intuitive configuration panel allows system administrators to configure which modules (Related Lists) will be displayed on the Detail/Edit Views. Field Autofill : Field Autofill for VTiger is yet another amazing productivity tool. It saves time by autofilling the data into the CRM. Previously, field autofill do not fill in the data when a record is