Rearranging Different Modules in Vtiger

June 2, 2021
VTiger CRM gives its users liberty to change the order of related modules. Sometimes, to access a related module, users have to click on more options and then select it. So, to make the access to the related module easy, admins can change the order of related module. Rearranging different modules in Vtiger can be done using “Module Layout & Fields” For example, a user wants that in their CRM, whenever he opens Contacts module, the relationship of Contacts with Tickets is prioritized. It might be possible that to access the Tickets through Contacts, one have to click more and then select the tickets. But now, the user wants to place the tickets before any other module. e.g. in this case the user wants to place tickets before documents. To do so, user have to change the relationship order with that specific module through Module Layout & Fields. In this case, we