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Enable Digital Signature In VTiger 7

May 19, 2018
Proposal & Document Designer is the ultimate sales tool for document automation. We extend the power of your CRM and give you everything you need to turn your leads into clients and close deals faster. No need to switch between word processors, CPQ tools, e-signing apps, and your inbox. Proposal & Document Designer for VTiger lets you create sales documents, employ dynamic quoting, get electronic signatures, and automate your workflow all the while. How to Enable Digital Signature In Document Designer Add a Signature Field.      When the signature element is first added, it defaults to be “Signed by the recipient”. In most cases this is what we want, meaning that once you send the document, the recipient will be able to click on the signature icon and place the signature.  You can also pre-set signature by clicking on the gear icon and drawing the signature. If you do that, your drawn signature will show up

Importance Of Electronic Signing And Integration Of DocuSign And VTiger

December 30, 2016
Sometimes only because you forgot signatures, huge opportunities are missed. For example, you need a signature from the client at three different spots, but he or she missed one spot or the signature made by the client is not according to the standards, etc.  Imagine your firm is forming a partnership with another organization and you are acting as a representative of your firm. If you need a document to be signed by the other firm’s representative the normal procedures involve that you will send that document to your partner via traditional mail and get it signed or another option is to send him a fax and get a manual sign on the document. All these traditional methods take too much time, which can be invested in some other organizational building activities. The solution to this problem is Electronic signing, this is a much-needed state of the art high-tech solution

Develop And Design Attractive Documents With vTiger Proposal & Document Designer

July 17, 2016
A number of tools are available in market to write a couple of pages, few chapters, or even books with basic to professional formats. But when it comes to craft versatile content like extensive proposals, sales orders, quotes, invoices, or executive subject matter in a style, selection of the right tool can be tricky. Searching for the perfect software is itself a tiring task, let alone the additional processes including email integration with the desired customizations. The problem was addressed at vTiger’s and the team came up with the ultimate solution in the form of vTiger Proposal & Document Designer, along with the capability of Electronic Signature. The powerful vTiger extension has the potential to nimbly design professional, mobile friendly documents and proposals right from the vTiger CRM in minimum time. You can create highly striking executive documents, pamphlets, proposal, etc. that are more anticipated to convince leads and opportunities.