Pricing Strategy For New Products

January 6, 2017
Pricing strategies usually modify as a product passes in its product life cycle. The introductory stage of any product is especially challenging. Companies bringing out with a new product, face the challenge of setting price in the beginning. They can choose between two broad strategies. One is market-skimming pricing and the other one is market-penetration pricing. These two strategies play very important in fixing price of new product. It is very crucial thing to fix right price which can be affordable for consumer and beneficial for marketers. Market-Skimming Pricing Market-skimming pricing is fixing a high price for a new commodity to skim maximum returns layer by layer from the segments ready to pay the high price; the firm makes fewer but more profitable sales. Several businesses that invent new products set initially high prices to skim revenues. Sony frequently uses market-skimming strategy. In 1990, when Sony introduces the world’s first

Pricing Strategies And Factors To Be Considered While Setting The Price

November 28, 2016
Marketing mix defines your business and the most basic components of a market mix comprise of Price, Product, Place, and promotion. This shows how important price is for a company. Setting the price is not an easy task at all. It involves different analysis and deep insights regarding the target market. Some of the most commonly used pricing strategies are: Premium Price When a firm knows that the product they are offering is of superior quality and can easily outperform its substitutes, they set a price higher than their competitors. They charge higher prices as compared to their competitors, as they know they are providing a better product. This is called premium pricing. Market Penetration When a firm wants to attain more market share, the strategy they use is Market Penetration. In this strategy, the price they offer is very low and none of their competitors can offer the same