Outgoing Email Server

Send Email From VTiger With Different Email Account/Account In VTiger 7

April 13, 2018
Outgoing Email Server Extension allow each user to have his/her own Outgoing Email Server(SMTP). Email server settings can be configured by admin, or each user can do it for him/herself. It supports IMAP function, meaning that every email sent will also be stored in user’s “Sent” folder on webmail/email server. How to Send Email From VTiger with Different Email Accounts Go to My Preferences and click on the “Outgoing Server” button. Click on the “Create” button and Configure the Outgoing Mail Server.     Now open a contact and click on the “Send Email” button and select the Email account you want to send the mail from.     Here you can see this mail is sent from VTiger Outgoing Mail Server.     For further help, contact us on help@vtexperts.com. We’ll be glad to be of service.