An Introduction To Micromarketing

December 14, 2016
Micromarketing is based on individualized marketing. Although, differentiated and concentrated marketers alter their products, offers, and marketing plan to meet the needs of different market segments and niches. At the same moment though, marketers do not customize their offers to each individual customer. Micromarketing is a practice of altering products and marketing plans to suit the choices of specific individuals and locations. Micromarketers see individual in every customer rather than seeing customer in every individual. Micromarketing consists of local marketing and individual marketing. Local Marketing Local marketing involves altering brands and promotions according to the needs and wants of local customer groups, like neighborhoods, cities and specific stores. For example, Citibank provides various mixes of banking services in all of its branches, depending on neighborhood demographics. Kraft helps many supermarkets chains to identify the specific cheese variety and shelf positioning that will help to optimize cheese sales in low-income, middle-income