Macro button

Create Custom Buttons In VTiger 7

February 22, 2018
Macros extension is designed to cut down the time needed for manual task such as Follow Ups, Scheduling calls etc. It provides users with the function to create predefined actions (workflows) and trigger them from the record Detail/Summary View with just a single click. How to Create Custom Buttons Go to the “Menu” and select “CRM Settings“.     Under “Other Settings” select “Macros“.     Click on the “+ New Workflow“.     Add a workflow name, select a module for the workflow. Then Click on the “Add action” button to select an action for when this macro will be clicked. Put in the details of that action and click on the “Save” button.     Here you can see the “Macro Button” and it will execute the action with a single click (For this example it will create an activity for a call)     For further help, contact us on We’ll