Capturing Leads Has Been Made Possible By VTiger 7’s Webforms

April 6, 2016
Clearly, a form either be filled on a paper or over the web, is a fundamental requirement of any business. As Vtiger 7 is fulfilling your business requirements, this feature is not missing in the CRM either. With Webforms HTML forms can be created and linked to your website, which enables easy stats recording into your Vtiger account. The collected data can be used to enhance future aspects of the posts, tools, features or whatever you deal in. Lead record can be a head-start for your sales and marketing teams, who can always use a benefit. Outlining New Webforms A new webform can be designed in the Vtiger 7 by using these steps: Start by clicking on the Menu icon to select Settings Then click Automation And press the +Add Webform button located at the top right A form will be appeared with several sections. In the first section named “Creating New Webform”,