Rearranging Different Modules in Vtiger

June 2, 2021
VTiger CRM gives its users liberty to change the order of related modules. Sometimes, to access a related module, users have to click on more options and then select it. So, to make the access to the related module easy, admins can change the order of related module. Rearranging different modules in Vtiger can be done using “Module Layout & Fields” For example, a user wants that in their CRM, whenever he opens Contacts module, the relationship of Contacts with Tickets is prioritized. It might be possible that to access the Tickets through Contacts, one have to click more and then select the tickets. But now, the user wants to place the tickets before any other module. e.g. in this case the user wants to place tickets before documents. To do so, user have to change the relationship order with that specific module through Module Layout & Fields. In this case, we

3 VTiger Extensions To Track Time & Stay On Top Of Support Tickets

August 2, 2016
As the competition grows, companies deploy more and more advanced tools and techniques to avoid time consuming tasks or get them done rather quickly. As VTExperts always brings on some outstanding customizations for your VTiger CRM, we also thought it would make it more convenient for you if we categorize some really valuable extensions. So we collected a series of 3 VTiger extensions that you can employ to save time and make things easier for support team.   VTiger Time Tracker – User Time Management VTiger Time Tracker Extension sounds like mere a time tracking customization. Yes, it allows users to keep track of time while working on important or otherwise assignments – but it does a lot more. It can run more than one timer, with the option to toggle between different running timers. Plus, it supports custom fields, comments, and manual time tracking. And it doesn’t have to stay on top;

Analysis Of Module Layouts And Fields In VTiger 7

March 22, 2016
A lot of information is stored in each module of Vtiger 7 and it has predefined blocks and fields. The functionality of Module and Fields enables you to make custom fields, edit their properties, rearrange them and move a filed inside and across a block. You can create a custom field for all of the users or make it available for a specific section by creating and applying profiles. You can read more about creating and managing profiles in Vtiger 7 in this article: “Profile” Is An Effective Way To Enhance Database Security Customizing Module layout & Fields The edit module & fields can be navigated in two ways: Using Settings Go to the App Switch Icon on the top left corner. Then select the Settings In settings, choose the Module Manager Then click on Module Layouts & Fields Select your desired module from the drop-down. Or by Using the Corresponding Module Choose your