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VTiger and Collaboration in Digital World

March 15, 2021
VTexperts empowering collaboration in VTiger
Collaboration is one of the deciding factor weather an organization will perform as a team or not, It is an integral part of successful organizational culture. In organizations different tools and exercises are carried out in order to improve the collaboration among the individuals. Therefore, organizations that use collaborating tools more effectively gain a competitive advantage on others. Similarly, digital business environment as well, collaboration is a must have skill in the digital world. CRM systems like VTiger  are providing a list of tools to improve collaboration in digital world Following are some of the advantages of good collaboration in digital world Better problem solving, with improved collaboration individuals can more freely help each other by sharing their ideas and view and it results in better problem solving for all of them Faster and better learning experience. when people collaborate with each other they learn more and the quality of

Kanban View Icon Moved To Lists In VTiger

December 3, 2018
Kanban View in VTiger Most of the systems have Kanban view to visualize sales and support performance and workflows. In VTiger open source, we cover this void. Kanban view is an extension for VTiger open source that allows to quickly create dynamic cards and exhibit the team’s performances as well as to collaborate with teams and manage sales, opportunities, tickets, projects, project tasks, or any other list of records. The extension also supports drag & drop feature to quickly move cards among columns that are configurable field values. This updates the field values/status/stages of the records (cards). How to Access Kanban View in VTiger (New) We are hereby to announce a UI change, where we moved the Kanban view button from top and added it to the lists in every module. This looks like a slight change, but that actually saves Kanban resource from being triggered every time the listview

Turn On Kanban View In Opportunities In VTiger 7

May 14, 2018
Kanban View is an extension with which you can easily create dynamic “cards” to visualize your workflow. Each module, e.g. Opportunities, Tickets, Tasks, Projects can be configured to have different sets of fields on the card as well as the “grouping/primary field“. Kanban view is mostly used to collaborate with team and manage sales opportunities, tickets, projects, tasks or any other list of records. How to Turn on Kanban View For switching to Kanban View in Opportunities click on the Blue Button on the upper right corner of the screen.     You can Drag and Drop Opportunities from one stage to another.     To Configure Kanban View Click on the the button on the upper left corner of the screen.     Here you can Add new columns and Tile Fields.     For further help, contact us on help@vtexperts.com. We’ll be glad to be of service.

An Introduction To VTiger Kanban View

November 29, 2016
What is the purpose of a business? Why do we market products? What benefits does customer service yield? Why firms spend large amounts on improving their distribution channels? The answer to all these questions is that the firms invest resources, in all other business related operations only to increase their sales. So, we can say all the operations a firm is performing revolves around sales. Because it is the area where the firm makes the profits for its shareholders.   “To me, job titles don’t matter. Everyone is in sales. It’s the only way we stay in business”                                                                              -Harvey Mackay   The sales department is the backbone of profit making and plays