kanban view in vtiger

Kanban View Extension For VTiger 7 – Performance Enhancement

September 5, 2018
Kanban View for VTiger is an extension with which you can easily create dynamic “cards” to visualize your workflow. Each module, e.g. Opportunities, Tickets, Tasks, Projects can be configured to have different sets of fields on the card as well as the “grouping/primary field“. Kanban view is mostly used to collaborate with team and manage sales opportunities, tickets, projects, tasks or any other list of records. All of this can be done using Drag n Drop and you can move a record among different stages.   The Kanban button was moved to the “Lists” section in every module in VTiger, instead of the button, which used to show on every module.   The Kanban only gets loaded now, when the Kanban filter is clicked on the then currently opened module. This saves a lot of resources and makes page loading very faster as the Kanban resources are not called unless