kanban view for vtiger

Kanban View Icon Moved To Lists In VTiger

December 3, 2018
Kanban View in VTiger Most of the systems have Kanban view to visualize sales and support performance and workflows. In VTiger open source, we cover this void. Kanban view is an extension for VTiger open source that allows to quickly create dynamic cards and exhibit the team’s performances as well as to collaborate with teams and manage sales, opportunities, tickets, projects, project tasks, or any other list of records. The extension also supports drag & drop feature to quickly move cards among columns that are configurable field values. This updates the field values/status/stages of the records (cards). How to Access Kanban View in VTiger (New) We are hereby to announce a UI change, where we moved the Kanban view button from top and added it to the lists in every module. This looks like a slight change, but that actually saves Kanban resource from being triggered every time the listview