5 VTiger Extensions To Enhance Quotes And Invoice Generation

August 19, 2016
At VTExperts, we try our best to provide you complete CRM solutions. And it cannot be accomplished without focusing on the accounts department. So we created several extensions that will be extremely helpful in creating quotes and invoices more efficiently.   VTiger Product & Service Lookup   This extension for VTiger is specially designed to enhance the output of sales documentation including Quotes, Invoices, Sales, and Purchase Orders. You can manually submit the Part Number, Category, Product Description or any other field that you configure to be the search field for Products/Services and see the results without opening the popup. Also, you can specify separate result fields including price, description, or again, any standard or custom VTiger field. VTiger Product & Service Lookup eliminates the need for the extra click (popup) and increases the efficiency and accuracy of adding Products or Services to the Quote, Invoice, Sales, or Purchase Order. For

How Vtiger + Accounting System Integration Makes Information Exchange Seamless!

March 6, 2016
An uninterrupted flow of information between the sales, support and accounting department, enriches the customer experience. Vtiger makes the exchange of information easier and error-free by letting the user to automatically mirror data between the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and accounting software. It ensures that the sales, support and accounting team access the accurate data from the same page. Vtiger 7 integrates with commonly used accounting software like Xero, Tally and Quickbooks. If you are using any other accounting software, use Zapier to connect to it. Read on to know some major benefits of integrating your accounting software with Vtiger 7. Faster, error-free and without double-entry invoice creation After a deal is done by the sales department, billing information like customer name, billing address, shipping address and product/services purchased, is forwarded to the accounting department to generate an invoice. This billing information is gathered by the sales department and then