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New Release – Gallery/Slideshow View Extension For VTiger

October 23, 2018
Gallery/Slideshow view Extension for VTiger might be among the most searched extension. It is simply a plugin which allows to preview any documents (images/pictures) attached to VTiger record. Slideshow lists the thumbnails (files) on the right with the date created & document title with ability to scroll through all of them in just few seconds. In addition, it can be configured to only retrieve images/pictures from certain folder (done in configuration area).   With Gallery/Slideshow view enabled, a button gets added to each record that shows the linked images for that record. Clicking the button will open a slideshow of the images allowing to go through all of the related ones. The user interface is very intuitive and easy to scroll through the images.   The extension is already included in the Extension Pack. You can find all of the information about the extension on its Product Page. We also