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Add related module records using tabular field entry in form builder

November 8, 2022
VTExperts Web Form & Landing Page Builder extension allows to the creation of related module records as well. In this article, we will look at how to add related module records using tabular field entry in the form builder Example We will check the configuration and functionality of the extension by implementing the form for the below-mentioned example. The primary module is “Contacts” and the secondary module is “Child” and they have one-to-many relationship (which means 1 contact record can have multiple child records) The form will get information from the contact regarding their children, what are their names, date of birth, and any additional information. So, we will create a web form for the Contacts module and will configure it in a manner that it can also create records in the child module. Create the form Go to the form builder and click on “+ New from” button and provide the

Create Custom Form in Vtiger

May 29, 2021
Forms are an integral part of any CRM and can be used in multiple ways. We, at VTExperts, believe that the more options provided in designing a form means better results for the clients. In order to provide users better forms that are easy to configure and use, we designed VTiger CRM extension names as Custom Views, Layout and Forms. Create Custom Form in Vtiger using this state of the art extension. Designing form using VTExperts’ Custom Views, Layout and Forms is very easy and smooth process. To Create a Custom Form, Go to Settings > Extension Pack > Custom Forms & Views Add Custom Forms & Views button is used to create a new form or view. Name, status and module of the existing modules can also be seen on this page Click on the Add Custom Forms & Views Module: Select the module for form configuration. Name: Specify the name of the form Status: You can keep the form active or inactive using this option Profile: Specify the profiles for