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Forecasting made easy using VTiger CRM

March 18, 2021
Forecasting Sales with VTExperts
Forecasting is core practice, that is carried out by every business in order to survive and excel in current competitiveness of business world. Firms gain competitive edge based on more informed decisions. In order to carry out the activity of forecasting past data is used and analyzed to predict how will future trends shape up. A good forecast improves every step of a business, ranging from planning of a project to the reconciling the revenue. In the CRM world, Vtiger made forecasting easy by providing a-lot of different tools Here are some of the advantages of forecasting It is seen, that businesses practicing forecasting make far more improved financial and managerial decisions as compare to the businesses who refrain to practice forecasting. Process of forecasting requires input from all the departments of a business, hence results in creating a sense of participation among the staff members and different departments of a organization

VTiger Forecast: An Introduction

November 25, 2016
The business environment is becoming more and more intense day by day. So, to stay ahead of your competitors business firms have to anticipate things like sales, raw material, labor force etc. Companies which fail to forecast correctly not only face serious pressure from competitors, but sometimes also encounter disappointment from their suppliers and distributors. To broaden your view, some of the most important benefits of forecasting are given below: Financial Estimation Forecasting helps in determining your financial needs, it helps to estimate how much finance you need to put in your business to achieve the desired amount of revenues. But, the point that should be taken into account while forecasting is to make it realistic; superficial estimation of future purchase and sales yield is not good. Cut down Expenses A good prediction about future business operations can save a firm from a lot of expenses. Like the company will