Filters are added in Complete Record Timeline/Summary (Communication + Updates) Extension for VTiger

July 16, 2018
In VTiger, if you are trying to find out more details about a contact/organization/lead, you would have to click through all the related lists and review any tickets/opportunities one by one. However, with the Complete Record Timeline/Summary (Communication + Updates) Extension for VTiger, you will be able to see all of it in a single glance. What it does is that it enables the user to see any communication (emails, calls, comments) as well as updates for a selected record. It rolls up the information from 3 relationship level deeps, meaning if you are viewing organization timeline, you will see any information related to organization (emails, updates, comments) as well as any information related to organizations’ tickets/opportunities (or other related modules).   We have added filters in this extension so you can see the updates of a selected module separately from the main timeline. For example, when user clicks any

VTiger Filters: “Assigned To” Equals To “Current/Logged In User”

July 15, 2016
Filters in VTiger is one of the most commonly used feature and often system admins are required to create filters that require condition “Assigned To”, which can cause a potential problem when there are too many users. The way VTiger works now is, if you were to create filters for each user in the system (with the Assigned To condition), you would have to create as many filters as there are users., and sometimes more (if multiple filters are needed). We came up with the special “Assigned To” condition “Is Current User”. It means: you can create one filter, set it as public and select the condition to be “Assigned To is Current User” instead of using the “Assigned To equals UserXXX”. This eliminates the need of creating duplicate filters – the condition will filter only the records that are assigned to “the Logged In user”. This is just one of the many customizations