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VTiger and Collaboration in Digital World

March 15, 2021
VTexperts empowering collaboration in VTiger
Collaboration is one of the deciding factor weather an organization will perform as a team or not, It is an integral part of successful organizational culture. In organizations different tools and exercises are carried out in order to improve the collaboration among the individuals. Therefore, organizations that use collaborating tools more effectively gain a competitive advantage on others. Similarly, digital business environment as well, collaboration is a must have skill in the digital world. CRM systems like VTiger  are providing a list of tools to improve collaboration in digital world Following are some of the advantages of good collaboration in digital world Better problem solving, with improved collaboration individuals can more freely help each other by sharing their ideas and view and it results in better problem solving for all of them Faster and better learning experience. when people collaborate with each other they learn more and the quality of

Display Emails Widget On Record Summary View In VTiger 7

October 24, 2018
Email/Conversation view extension for VTiger transforms “simple” email list into conversation view. The view is very easy to read and includes email message on the list, meaning that you don’t need to open email to see the response. In addition, it differentiates emails from customers versus vtiger users by highlighting the background and adding divider borders.   How to Display Emails Widget Go to Menu > Settings > CRM Settings > Extension Pack > Email Preview. Click “Enable Email Preview” to enable the extension. Enable the extension for desired module’s (Custom Modules also). You can Select the number of characters you want to see in the email preview. You can click the Email to expand and it will show additional text in the email.  You can see the conversation view of emails in the summary view of the organization.  For further help, contact us on We’ll be glad to be of service.