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View Record Address On Google Earth within VTiger

July 20, 2016
VTiger CRM comes with pre-designed Google Maps widget which enables to view the addresses while looking for lead or contact records. The feature is great! However, its practical application has not much been observed since the zoom is not adjustable and you can’t see much more than a pin and surrounding area. We took the integration with Google Maps a step further and added functionality for users to view addresses on Google Earth. What we coded was basically a simple button “View on Google Earth” (at least it looks simple enough) next to each address block, which opens a modal popup (without leaving VTiger) and shows the zoomed picture of the house and the area. The tool is very helpful for businesses dealing with Solar Systems, Fences or any other exterior work that requires a glance of the property to do the quote or evaluate the conditions. Please send us an email or give us a call if you need