Show Or Hide Field Blocks Based On Certain Conditions/Fields In VTiger 7

February 7, 2018
In Vtiger 7, User can Hide or Show field blocks by using our Dynamic Blocks Extension. The extension gives you the control to Show or Hide blocks on any record view. It’s extremely helpful to separate out different types of records, such as “Corporate” and “Personal” Contacts, “New Install” or “Repair” Tickets. How to show or hide field blocks Go to the “Menu” and select “CRM Settings“. Under “Other Settings” select “Dynamic Blocks“.     Click on the “Add Dynamic Block” button to create a new condition.     Select the “Module” and the “Source Field“, then select the “Picklist Values“.     “Checkbox” the block you want to Hide or Show.     While creating a new Organization or editing an old one you can Show or Hide field block on a certain Field Value.     For further help, contact us on help@vtexperts.com. We’ll be glad to be of service.