dynamic fields

VTiger Dynamic Fields Streamline The Data Entry

September 23, 2016
It is only understandable that you need your screens clean and tidy (modules or dashboards). It’s also very obvious that empty fields occupy a lot of space and most of the times, there is no reason to populate CRM modules with them. Empty fields also make it harder to locate the essential and required information quickly. Imagine your module exhibiting data like this: Without a doubt, few of the fields will be of great use to you. But some of those will be totally irrelevant at times. For example, the first and last names will always have high priority in terms of visibility. Take a look at the image above, some of the fields are completely empty and contain zero information like “LastLogin On”, “Deleted On”, “User Status” etc. Looking at them closely reveals that they are related to an online account, which in this case is not possessed by