Data Duplication & VTiger CRM

May 11, 2021
Data Duplication is a problem that is faced by almost every business organization. Especially in case a firm is handling their database using a CRM, duplication of data can cause major problems. For example, two of your sales staff members got intact with a same person, both of them generated two different contacts of the same person in the CRM and both of them started to pursuit the same opportunity separately. Firstly, it gives a bad impression to the client that the people of same organization are persuading him/her independently for the same opportunity. Moreover, it is a wastage of resources and time of the business as two of the staff members are working on the same lead. Similarly, data duplication & Vtiger CRM go hand in hand Problems that data duplication causes Data duplication causes following threats Inefficient business processes: Duplicate data makes the business process inconsistent. It makes the