docusign integration

VTiger’s Esign Module Has The License For DocuSign Integration

August 4, 2016
Current business environment is very competitive and because of this very reason even small act of negligence can cause serious harm to the business. A task which is in repetition in everyday schedules makes it a very important one, that is signing the documents related to business. VTiger 7 provides you with a great integration with the app named as DocuSign, which allows to sign documents electronically according to the ESIGN Act. This feature not only saves time but also smoothens the business cycle making it more efficient and cost effective. Note! DocuSign is featured in Sales Professional, Support Professional and Ultimate Edition of VTiger 7. Getting documents signed by clients is an essential part of daily business dealings. DocuSign aids to get agreements and documents signed by the clients and customers electronically. You can also send PDF files that are Internal or generated by Print template, and for doing so all you need is to incorporate