documents module

Create, Manage, And Upload Documents In VTiger

August 22, 2016
Let’s discuss a much needed module of VTiger 7, the Documents module. It is for VTiger CRM users to save files like it’s done in the Drive. But these files can be uploaded directly and you can use an external link to download the files back. There is more to it; you can manage the files in the form of folders in VTiger 7. Everything is explained later in the article, so let’s continue. Note! The maximum file upload limit is 5 Mb. Documents Management For documents, there are a number of options available in list view. Let’s learn what they precisely do: Field Name Actions you can perform on the records in list view   With this Pencil (edit) button, you can select multiple documents and perform an action in a group   As we can assume that it’s the Delete button, the only addition I want to do  here