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Optimization, Activation, And Deactivation Of VTiger Modules Is Lucrative

April 4, 2016
What is a Module? Module is an area of Vtiger 7, comprising various necessary tools which help the sales staff, support, and marketing departments among a lot of others. Project and activity management is also operated via modules. You might want to disable extra modules in order to streamline your experience of the Vtiger 7. Activation and deactivation of the modules is easily configurable. So “Hide and Seek” is not a game anymore. Modules can be Configured in a Number of Ways Module optimization is very straightforward. Clicking Settings dropdown button exhibits fields for that specific module, each one of them comprising of its own features. You can manage and alter according to your needs and requirements as shown in the figure below: Talking about Leads, there are seven fields to be configured. Disable Extra Modules Module manager is the feature you will be looking for in order to disable the