VTiger Filters To Organize Data

October 23, 2016
The world we live in is the world of data, only those can prosper in current era who possess accurate data. In fact, data is emerging to be a stronger tool as compare to any other lethal weapon, people who underestimated the power of precise data in the current business environment faced serious challenges while carrying out business operations. So we should admire the power of correct data and make efficient use of it so that good profits for the business can be yielded. So embrace the power of data and make operations of your business more precise and to the point. Following is a famous saying by Carly Fiorina “The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” This shows how data can change the perspective of the whole business VTiger 7 Filters Empowered by Custom Filter Designing We are bombarded with data in routine life,

Role of Data Analysis In Marketing Research

October 15, 2016
The biggest effect of digital transformation is the fact that any information can be collected and used anytime. Knowledge has become the most important currency for marketing in this digital age. Data analysis is the important part of it. Mostly marketers are aware that the prearranged collection, analysis and interpretation of data is important to the successful customer discussion.  With these external data collections, real consumer behavior can be read and internal parameters, making the overall business objectives operationally feasible. After that the automation of the processes, the predictability of behavior and as a result leads to high-performance marketing is possible. The most important thing is to understand that how differently advertisement works in a programmatic vs. traditional ad world. Different companies use different advertisement strategies to compete in the market and grab huge market share. Large companies attach their product lines by building database that contains user ID. Every