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Setup Module Numbering To Automate The Allocation Of Custom Record Numbers In VTiger

April 5, 2016
It’s pretty common to assign a custom ID to a client or another entity. In fact, companies rarely use original names. It creates bothering hurdles when you asked someone to fetch the data about John’s case and the response you get is, “Full name please”? Obviously, assigning a custom ID is essential, and so does programming the Vtiger 7 to assign Custom Record Number to every module and the subjects under the category. The feature you’ll be looking for is present under the name Module Numbering. Before submitting data into Vtiger 7 account, it’s recommended to set the custom record numbers. It is due to the fact that once an ID has been assigned to a record, it will not be possible to change it, as there is no use for it. So new custom record numbers only get applied to the entities that are recorded after module numbering has

VTiger’s Subscription Module Single-handedly Manages Clients’ Retainers While Keeping Tabs On Their Plans

March 26, 2016
The business model that involves subscription incorporation is a hit in current era and business who are offering subscription services are doing tremendously well .e.g. Netflix, Zipcar, Dollar service club etc. For the success of subscription based business, the product and service should be of type which can entail subscription feature effectively and more importantly a subscription management application is required to manage the pool of subscriptions. For your ease, Vtiger 7 provides the state of the art subscription services tool as well.  No matter how many profiles are to pledge, Vtiger 7’s subscription tool can handle as much as 100,000 subscriptions effectively. Sign-up Your Customers for Subscription Plans A fashion magazine Trendhouse is a weekly magazine and offers three kinds of different subscriptions $12 per month, $32 per quarter or $120 per year. Subscription duration stays 1 year while facilitating the users with versatile payment durations. Subscription module of