Custom views and forms

Create Custom Layouts/Forms In VTiger 7

October 18, 2018
Custom Views & Forms for VTiger is designed for system administrators. You can configure different views/layouts for any module with the help of this extension. It is capable of configuring multiple views for  trouble tickets, e.g “Repair Ticket” & “Support Ticket” and for both views, you can specify different sets of fields and only display the fields that apply to each type of ticket. It Supports all modules.   How to Create Custom Layouts/Forms Go to Menu > Settings > CRM Settings > Extension Pack > Custom Forms & Views. Click “Add Custom Forms & View” button.  Select the module. Add a name for the form. You can assign profile’s.  Drag and Drop fields from available fields. Dropped in field will be shown in the form which we are creating.  While creating a new record you can select the related custom form.  This is a custom form view which we just have created.  For further help, contact us