Sort-Out The Currency Differences For Your Company Around The Globe With Vtiger’s Currency Manager

April 30, 2016
When you’re running a multi-national business, or planning to expand from a country to another, there are hundreds of real time as well as virtual problems you might face. While handling offshore businesses and your teams can be tricky, we do not want you wasting precious resources on common complications that can be handled otherwise. In this topic, we’re focusing on handling currency conversions without employing extra resources. Currency Manager of Vtiger 7 is an extremely helpful tool when it comes to dealing in multiple currencies. This feature is of assistance in dealing clients all over the world by incorporating national and international currencies. Base Currency First of all, you will have to select a base currency on the start-up page when you first log in. It will provide a threshold in a country against which the exchange rates are determined. Like INR is local currency of India and USD