Create Assets From Purchase Orders

Create Assets From Purchase Orders In VTiger 7

April 10, 2018
Receive/Create Asset from Purchase Order is an extension designed to efficiently create new assets based on what is being received from Purchase Order. It’s intuitive popup displays Product Number and Name and adds a row for each qty so the user can put in serial number and receiving notes for each product & qty they are receiving. In addition, it supports Partial Shipments and prevents duplicate parts to be received. How to Create Assets from Purchase Orders Open a Purchase Order and click on the “Receive Shipment” button.     We’ll get a popup to enter a serial number for each quantity item that we’re receiving as well as receiving notes, Enter the serial numbers and click on the save button. It will change the status to Partial shipment Received and Assets will be automatically added.     To complete this shipment click on the “Receive Shipment” button the one’s we already received are not longer editable so we can now add