configuration editor

Polish The Management System With VTiger Configuration Editor

May 1, 2016
In the modern times of competition and technology, corporate sector is evolving faster than ever and it is essential for every company to deploy efficient customer care as well as Business Management System. For this purpose hiring highly trained and dedicated personnel is indispensable to cater the needs of clients. Now, the clients might get confused if they are responded to by a new person every time they contact technical support. Furthermore, there are several vital configurations required to be set. Vtiger 7 provides one solution to all of these problems in the form of Configuration Editor. With Configuration Editor, a number of basic customizations can be applied. You can specify maximum** file upload size, default module, the maximum text length** and a maximum number of records that can be displayed in the list view of any module. Moreover, you can set up your Helpdesk name and email to send