Collaboration tools by VTExperts for Vtiger CRM

November 24, 2022
Team collaboration is always an integral part of any business’s success. In this digital era, collaboration tools in CRM systems are a must-have. That is why VTExperts developed extensions that enhance the process of team communication. Moreover, these extensions also make collaboration within the team and with the customers easy. Let us check some of the advantages of effective collaboration tools by VTExperts for Vtiger CRM Benefits of collaborative tools Skill sharing The first and foremost important advantage of collaboration is skill sharing. It helps team members to share their feedback and skill with each other. Collaborating with different teams and within the team works as a learning experience. So, collaboration helps in sharing knowledge and skills. Problem Solving When you came across an issue and even after trying several approaches you are still not able to solve it. What should you do next? In such scenarios, you should use

Custom VTiger Widget to Add Phone Numbers & Comments

July 25, 2016
VTiger is loaded with predefined widgets to make the system more efficient and user friendly. Standard widgets are “Recently Modified”, “Dashboard”, “Google Maps”, “Tag Cloud”, and many more.. The widgets can be found on the left bar of the screen, which can be expanded or collapsed. One of our customers was in need of a custom VTiger widget which would provide the functionality to quickly add phone numbers & comments to leads, contacts, or debt records. The system had few custom modules such as “Phone Numbers” ( which allows to store unlimited number of phone numbers), “Debts” ( that enables to store debt information). If you are familiar with collection industry, you would be aware that tracking phone numbers and quickly going through them is critical. The Widget we designed allows the cold caller to pull up the record, select the claim/debt and add new phone numbers or comments without leaving the contact/lead/debt screen. The

VTiger Rich Text/HTML Comments

July 18, 2016
One of the productive features of VTiger includes the running comments/notes tab for each record. It’s mostly used to post notes, record details from calls/meetings, or any information related to the record which does not belong in fields. We were asked to customize the VTiger comments section to make it even more useful! First, we added a date & time fields, meaning that before posting each comment, you can backdate or post it in the future data. It is very useful for the businesses who want to keep their notes intact and who can’t necessarily post the notes at the time the action is being taken place. Our customization allows the user to change the comment date/time as needed. Secondly, we added the ability to format the text, meaning that the comments posted are in “Rich Text” format, which allows users to add bullet points, images, underline, highlight the text and much more! We used CLKEditor which