combine vtiger invoices

Application Of DocuSign’s Integration With VTiger

November 14, 2016
Emerging business trends involve a lot of travel, in fact, there are jobs which specifically require working from the remote areas. So much hassle can cause a lot of problems which can lead to different kinds of further hurdles. Those problems range from poor customer service to forgetting some important paper on your desk while you are at a remote place. For example, a sales rep made a visit to a potential client at another city and recorded all of his credentials, but when he reached his office and started to brief his superiors about the new client, he noticed that his client missed one signature out of six on the contract that was made between the firm and the customer. Well, should he go back to his client and get the signature? Or he should ask his customer to e-sign the softcopy of the papers? Obviously later is the

Generating/Combining Master Invoices in VTiger

August 31, 2016
VTiger is a CRM, but also has some accounting elements such quotes, invoices & orders. Invoice functionality is as in any other accounting system – collect payments, export to PDF, mail or email it. If you are dealing with few invoices a month per customer – that might just work. However, if you end up with 10+ invoices that need to combined – we might be able to help. Currently, VTiger does not allow to combine multiple invoices into one “Master Invoice”, so we customized it to allow users to search for invoices using filters and select the ones that need to be combined and create one “Master Invoice”. We also added few custom fields to help keep track of the invoices combined. In addition, the “Master Invoice” will include all the items from the single invoices and will have a unique PDF template, which is easy to follow for the