calendar popup/preview

Calendar Popup/Preview Extension Now Supports Custom Modules – New Feature

January 6, 2018
Currently, the VTiger Standard Calendar is very limited and missing lot of basic functionalities. We have created several extensions to date which enhance the use of Calendar, making it more intuitive and helpful for users. Our extension Calendar Popup/Preview allows users to quickly preview the information without leaving the Calendar. It also displays linked records such as Contact, Organization, Lead, Ticket, Opportunities, and Campaigns. We recently upgraded the extension and added it to support and add Custom Modules as well as allow to see and update the linked Custom modules’ records.   To use the feature, you’d need to: Install the extension VTiger Calendar Popup/Preview from your Premium extension pack’s list If already installed, upgrade it to Latest (alpha) Install Custom Module & Relationship Builder from the list If the custom module doesn’t exist, create the new custom module. Now, when you go to the Configuration of the extension, you