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Calculate birthday and send email in Vtiger 7.4

January 11, 2022
VTiger 7.4 introduced some new email actions functions, one of them is substring. Using the substring function, now user can calculate birthday and send email in Vtiger 7.4 using workflow. Let’s take a look at how user can calculate a records birthday and send an automated email with birthday wishes to that client. In order to do so, first you have to create three more fields in addition to the default Birthday field 1- Date of birth: This fields shows the actual date of birth of the contact 2- Today – Month Date:  You have to create a text type field, that will show current month and todays date 3. Birthday – Month Date: You have to create a text type field, that will show the birthday month and date 4. Is birthday today: This is a text field, whose value will be either “Yes” or “No” depending if its

Field Formula Calculation/Concatenation for VTiger is available

May 7, 2018
Real Time Field Formula calculation/Concatenation Extension for VTiger 7 is yet another helpful tool for automation as well as productivity. It allows various functions to be performed using standard and custom fields like addition, multiplication, subtraction division of number/amount/decimal as well as other custom functions like changing the Field X value based on the value in field Y, all in real-time. That is the best thing as you don’t have to wait for the data to be saved so you can see the SUM/Total/Combined text spot on. Another great feature of this extension is that it works with the text fields to concatenate the data. This is an addition that was not available before. Moreover, it is very user friendly and can be configured by standard VTiger Workflows in the module manager. The extension is now available for VTiger 7. Some of its most common uses are explained below: 1.