Create Custom Buttons (clickable) In VTiger 7

September 20, 2018
Custom Buttons Extension for VTiger was designed to improve efficiency when updating records. Buttons can be configured to show modal popup with selected fields. For example, you can add a button to “Update Address” which will only show address fields when clicked. This is very primitive example, however it can be used for so much more.   How to Create Custom Buttons Go to Menu > Settings > CRM Settings > Extension Pack > Custom Buttons. Click on the “New Button”.  Select the module. Add button Title. Select the button icon and its color. You can select the sequence of the button and its status.  Select the fields to be shown when the button is clicked. Specify conditions when the button should be shown.  Here you can see the button. By clicking it will show modal pop and you can update fields.  You can see the record is updated.  For further help, contact