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Circumvent Identical Records Submission With VTiger’s Duplicate Check And Merge

April 13, 2016
Software are not AI. But they are the closest to what we can get right now. What matters most is how much closer one gets to it. There are several responsibilities you might want to take off your shoulders and add in your CRM’s list. But there is also a limit for that. One major problem being encountered by companies is to avoid duplicate record creation and to achieve it without any hassle. Vtiger 7 took the intuitive and developed the “Vtiger Duplicate Check & Merge” tool to avoid any record duplication in your database. There can be a number of cases when unknowingly the records may overlap. Restoring data from a CSV backup file, integrating Vtiger to another program, or even while submitting a new record in your own directory. All complications regarding to the identical record entry can be avoided using Duplicate Check & Merge hallmark. Also, if multiple