Automatically Calculate Fields

Automatically Calculate Fields In VTiger 7

April 11, 2018
Field Calculation/Concatenation in Real time is designed to allow field calculations to be made as you type (on the spot). It displays the formula field results instantly without having to save the record in order to see the calculation result (standard VTiger workflow functionality). How to Automatically Calculate Fields Go to Menu >> Settings >> CRM Settings >> Automation >> Workflows. Click on the “+ New Workflow” Button to create a new workflow.     Enter a workflow name. Enter the conditions for this example anytime these fields are grater than equal to 0 we want to trigger the calculations then Add and an action which is Field Formula.     Enter the action title. Check box the Execution on demands which means it calculates as soon as the user enters the value in the field. Then add the field and select the expression for this example we need to add the field and Arithmetic Function     While creating