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Advanced Comments In VTiger Supports Rich Text Comments

February 17, 2018
Advanced Comments is the extension that modernize the simple comment tool of VTiger to a more luxurious one. It allows system admins to categorize the comments by allowing to add picklists. With the help of the picklist values, users can differentiate comments. Also, it works with the VTiger 7’s standard feature which lets you color the code the picklists. There’s lot more to the extension – you can read further here. Now we are taking it one step further by adding the ability to do Rich Text comments. The feature, when enabled in the extension’s configuration panel, lets users add rich text comments as any other rich text editor. So you can start from bold, italic, size, to hyperlink, source and all the advanced features – all that on a record’s comments in VTiger 7. Add the categorization ability of the extension to it and Advanced Comments becomes one of