Activity reminder

Reminder and notification in VTiger CRM

September 30, 2021
Automated reminders helps a business in multiple ways. Using it properly can yield a vast range of benefits, ranging from increase in revenue to the timely solution provided to the customers. Automated process will show you the reminders for any kind of call, interview, meeting, appointment etc. So you can not miss a single activity planned for the day. As most of the organizations are using some kind of CRM system, so mostly CRM systems comes with built in reminder functionalities. Reminder and notification in VTiger CRM can also help to avoid forgetting about upcoming tasks and events. With every passing day the business environment is becoming more and more dynamic. The exposure to the information is also growing at a rapid rate, resulting in the increased workload for the employees. Under the immense pressure of work,  it is not unusual that once forgets about some of his tasks.. Reminder

Configure Activity Reminders (popups) In VTiger 7

March 29, 2018
Activity Reminder (Alert/Popup) Extension is designed to calendar reminders similar to outlook. The reminder popup shows up automatically when the activity is due and displays current day’s activities with basic details such as subject, description, related to (contact, lead, organization, etc..) as well as Due In. In addition, built-in Snooze option allow the user to snooze all or individual activity. How to Configure Activity Reminders Go to the Menu >> Settings >> CRM Settings >> Other Settings >> Calendar Popup and select the modules.     Click on this Icon to see all the Activities for the day.     You can also snooze the popup.     For further help, contact us on We’ll be glad to be of service.